MEP about Russia’s Olympic scandal: The less democracy in country, the more sports counts

Lithuanian MEP Petras Austrevicius has made a comment on the IOC’s ban on Russia as well as Putin’s declaring his readiness to take part in 2018 presidential elections.

“The refusal to invite Russian athletes who cheated the Olympic Committee and their fellow athletes is the decision of the International Olympic Committee. Russia is going through a big crisis, now the country is being blasted by many media outlets.

Using sports as a means of propaganda is typical for the Kremlin which is striving to prove that its sporting performance surpasses that of other countries.

The less democratic the country is, the more important role sports starts to play. It is becoming a propaganda tool. Now the Russian authorities are in the hot seat, and they need to handle this.

But the recent Kremlin’s statement on the ‘Anglo-Saxon conspiracy against Russia’ indicates that proper conclusions have not been drawn,” the politician said in Belsat TV program Hot Commentary.