Minskers to compete in garbage sorting

The tournament will be held on August 6 in the Gorky park.

This event will be held in Minsk for the first time.

“The festival is dedicated to separate collection of secondary material resources campaign “Goal 99″, which has been held across the country since February 2015,” Natalia Hryntsevich, director of “The operator of secondary material resources” said to “Minsk-News”.

Saturday was chosen specifically so that people would come to the park with families.

“We’ll tell people you in a playful way why and how to sort waste. Then everyone will be able to compete in the speed and quality of waste sorting. How clean Minsk and the country will be as a whole, as well as amount of secondary resources for treatment, depends on every citizen of Belarus,” notes Hryntsevich.

Event organizers promise that the participants of the “Goal” will take part in various competitions, exciting games, and, of course, will have surprises. One of them will be an audio container, which will reply to everyone who throw garbage in it.

The winners will receive prizes and gifts. Event starts at 12:00.


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