Man from Minsk became largest Tesla dealer in Russia

In 2014, the 35-year-old Aliaksei Yeramchuk founded the company “Moscow Tesla Club.” It helps clients to purchase electric cars and deals with customs, delivery and maintenance.

“Tesla Motors” uses the policy of direct sales by developing its own network of dealers. The company has no development strategy for our country, said Yeramchuk. Althou there were plenty of people wishing to become dealers of “Tesla” in Russia, none of them have so far become an official representative of the manufacturer.

From 2014 to the end of 2015, the 19% import duty on electric vehicles for legal persons in the Customs Union was zero, and for individuals had to pay 48% of duty. Now the rate for legal entities is zero, if the cars are imported in Russia through Belarus and Kazakhstan, says Artsyom Kagan, Yeramchuk’s partner and former top manager of the company which used to be the official ‘Mercedes’ dealer.

At first, Yeramchuk brought electric cars from the United States: cars there were cheaper than in Europe. Later, when prices became equal, it became more profitable to bring them from Europe, where “Tesla” has several dozen show rooms.

Yeramchuk, marketer by training, became interested in “Tesla” cars three years ago. At eh time, he had his own SEO company. In 2013, he saw the “National Geographic” film about the “Tesla” plant.

Yeramchuk came to Moscow to sell “Tesla” cars online. He had $300 and a desire to become a dealer of “Tesla” in Russia. Two years ago, Yeramchuk spent 2,000 Russian rubles on the site A month later, he had the first customer. Yeramchuk did not have cars to show. He got help from Andrei Vratski, Director of Customer Service at the company “Ay-Teko”. He became one of the first to bring Tesla cars to Russia.

To open the “Moscow Tesla Club” Belarusian sold his one-room apartment in Minsk. His wife and her little daughter had to move into the rental apartment in Minsk for 6 months, while he was settling up the new business enterprise in Moscow.

Now Yeramchuk is going to open a multi-brand showroom, investing in it €100,000. In 2016 Eremchuk already plans to sell 60 «Tesla» cars.[/vc_column_text],
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