Makey: Hard management style in Belarus due to crisis

During his visit to Hungary, Belarus Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey gave an interview to the newspaper “Magyar Hirlap.” We have tried to single out the main signals for the Belarusians.

Signal to businessmen

Makey hinted that Hungarian businessmen should invest in Belarus.

“We, unfortunately, also suffer from the mutual embargo between Russia and the European Union. We have an open economy that is export-oriented, and because of these sanctions, we lose our markets and trade with some countries and neighbors. In this situation, the task of any state, especially such small countries as Belarus and Hungary, is to find legal methods to circumvent sanctions. And what we talk about here – the creation of joint ventures, joint projects in the territory of another country, will help us to fix the negative situation. This will benefit the people, specific Belarusians and the Hungarians,” said Minister.

It is also a signal to Belarusian businessmen. In a situation where business leaders are in prison, joint commercial projects with the Europeans might as well become a relatively safe activity.

Signal to gays and lesbians

To the remark of the journalist that Europe is trying to make the problem of sexual minorities in Hungary “political question” Makey brought up the orthodoxy of Belarusians.

“You know, the Belarusian nation is very quiet, tolerant, patient, I would say, in some ways an orthodox nation. We flatly, even if we get accused of some violations of human rights, are strongly in favor of the preservation of the traditional family. And I’m afraid that on this issue we will never find understanding with those who will put pressure on us,” said Makey.

No illusions: Belarus will allow same-sex marriage last in the world.

Signal to all dissenters

Makey said that the policy of strong hands in Belarus is explained by the difficult economic situation.

“We have been called “Europe’s last dictatorship”, “totalitarian regime” and so on. Perhaps, there is some kind of tough management, but in the current complicated situation, especially when there is the financial and economic crises, when you need to manually manage the economy, sometimes there is no other way to do it. This does not mean you have to forget about human rights, nothing of the kind – the needs to be given great attention. But human rights will be provided only in a stable society that is developing normally,” said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

For more than 20 years, Belarus has had a stable society that is developing normally. It is not clear, what the human rights defenders have been doing.


Журналіст Матэ Т. Дзюла і міністр замежных справаў Беларусі Уладзімір Макей. Фота: МЗС
“Magyar Hirlap” is a Hungarian daily, which is owned by an oligarch. It became notorious mostly through scandals: in 2013, one of the newspaper authors called the Jews “stinking excrement.” Uladzimir Makey gave an interview to them on March 17, during an official visit to Hungary.