Makey: ‘Belarus recognizes de facto status of Crimea’

At a press conference organized by Russian journalists, Uladzimir Makey said that “Crimea is not a state that needs recognition.”

“In politics, it is necessary to proceed from reality. We should understand who de facto owns Crimea today. We have never had great economic and trade relations with Crimea. But this does not mean that we agree or disagree with something,” said Minister.

“We believe that now the main task is to preserve the territorial integrity and inviolability of the rest of Ukraine. Therefore, we offered Minsk as platform for negotiations,” said Makey.


The minister also said that Crimea has always enjoyed popularity among Belarusian tourists, but now there are some logistical problems “it is impossible to get to the peninsula through Ukraine, and entering it through Russia is fraught with problems with subsequent arrival in Ukraine.”