Belarus rock star performs at democratic candidate’s picket (upd)

Iconic rock musician Lyavon Volski, artist Ales Pushkin and TV anchorman Yury Zhyhamont participated in the action in honor of the proclamation of independence of Belarus in 1990. Belsat TV was covering the event on Wednesday evening.

Ales Lahvinets, Deputy Chairman of the movement ‘For Freedom!’ organized a picket on the occassion of the 26th anniversary of adopting the Declaration of Independence. It started at 19:00 in Sukharava residential area in Minsk.

Belarusian rock star Lyavon Volski was singing at the picket. Prominent TV presenter Yuri Zhyhamont was host of the event which Belsat was webcasting live.

During the action everyone who wished to do so stood the opportunity to put their signature for nominating Ales Lahvinets a candidate for the upcoming election to Belarusian parliament.

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