Lukashenka says ‘puppeteers’ of his opponents are in Poland and Russia

Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that there’s “interference from outside” in the internal affairs of Belarus and the election race, writes.

Lukashenka notes that “terrible fakes” are now actively spread on the Internet, which are used to discredit the authorities. In particular, the head of state commented on the information that his son Viktar Lukashenka allegedly has accounts in Switzerland. This information was recently published by NEXTA telegram channel.

“Today I was told (although it was a long time ago, no one reported it) that one of my sons has $840 million in Switzerland. Send a letter there through diplomatic channels: who wants to get this money, let them take it immediately,” he said.

Lukashenka called this information fake. “People do not understand what it is. There will be such fakes all the time. And we need to keep it in mind, live with it and fight. By the way, it is spread by “Babichevskis”[hired by Russia’s former envoy to Belarus Mikhail Babich] and “Nezygars” from Russia,” he added. “This is not ours, this is information coming from Russia. Then they will apologise and take it off. But people have already had this put into their brains”.

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Lukashenka also recalled a flash mob, in which law enforcement officials anonymously spoke out against the head of state.

“As to the military even. They say the identity card of the Security Service. Someone was leaving and took his ID with him, now he’s printing that he’s against the authorities. It’s unbelievable that when a person leaves the Security Service, they leave their ID card for an hour. First they give up the weapon, their ID, then they get a special form to sign and so on,” said Lukashenka. “People, especially young people, who are there [in telegram channels], do not understand it. And they see that even the Security Service is against the President. These are fakes, and we have to live with it. But we have to keep our heads on our shoulders and explain to people what’s going on”.

Lukashenka said that the opponents of the authorities behave dishonestly.

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“Are they pushing us to behave dishonestly the way they do? It’s clear that the puppeteers are behind them. They are on both sides. And they live in Poland and Russia. We will talk about it with President Putin in the near future, but this situation is very complicated. The most modern fake technologies are being used, there is interference from abroad in our elections and domestic affairs,” he said.

In addition, Belarusian Interior Minister Yury Karayeu has faulted Telegram channels and even Radio Free Europe for ‘coordinating protests’ in Belarus over their covering pickets and rallies. According to the human rights centre Viasna, more than 360 people were detained at the “solidarity chain” rallies (as well as before and after the rallies), held throughout the country from 18 to 21 June.

Notably, on the back of today’s statements, Ihar Losik, a blogger and administrator of one of the most popular Telegram channels in Belarus, was detained and taken into custody.

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