Lukashenka says coronavirus tests ‘completely uninformative’

During a recent trip to Salihorsk district, Lukashenka met with the miners of Belaruskali and spoke about the dynamics of coronavirus spread in Belarus.

At the meeting, Lukashenka once again touched upon the coronavirus in Belarus. He said that the level of coronavirus diseases in Minsk Oblast had gone down behind Vitsebsk and Minsk.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka in Salihorsk. Photo:

“We analyze less the testing of people, because the tests are absolutely not informative, but we look at pneumonia. Any virus, this one too, affects the lungs, so we look at pneumonia. We can immediately see whether there is a virus or not and treat these people,” said Lukashenka.

He stressed that the Belarusian authorities did the right thing by not introducing quarantine.

“People with pots are walking around, drumming all over the planet: “Give a job, there’s nothing to eat! But you remember, I said: the pandemic will pass, what will we eat? I said it in a rude way, but just so you remember. It all came true, as people say.”

In Belarus, as of June 26, there were 60 thousand and 713 people with positive test for COVID-19.