Lukashenka sacks henchman over bribe

President Lukashenka has signed a decree on the dismissal of Colonel Andrei Utsyuryn from the post of State Secretary of the Security Council. The document became available on the National Legal Internet Portal on May 1.

The decree notes that Utsyurun was dismissed “for committing offenses that discredit the dignity of a military serviceman.” Nothing else was explained in the document.

The decree was signed on April 24.

According to unofficial information, the deputy secretary of state of the Security Council, who had previously headed the Presidential Security Service for eight years, was arrested by the KGB for bribery. “The official reason for the detention is a large-scale bribe ($ 150,000). And the unofficial one is close friendship with high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation at a time when relations with it are not the best,” blogger NEXTA wrote on April 29 in his Telegram channel. According to a number of non-state media, the property of Utsyuryn and his relatives has been seized.

Law enforcement agencies did not comment on the arrest.