Lukashenka released political prisoners as Belarus ran out of money – Statkevich

Dozens of people have come to meet ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich at Uskhodni Bus Terminal on Saturday evening after it became known that Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka released six political prisoners.

Belarusians have welcomed the former political prisoner with flowers and songs. Although he has spent more than 4.5 years in prison, Mikalai is looking good and says he is ready to fight.

The people were chanting “Thank you!” and “Long live Belarus!” 

“I want to thank everyone who supported me, you are the pride of Belarus. I have never asked [Lukashenka] for pardon. One should sort out the [current] situation, but it seems that the authorities have run out of money, and they will be imitating democracy,” the politician said.

“How are you? How do you find yourself?”peoplekept  asking. “I am OK, they [authorities] will see me [complaining] in their dreams!” Statkevich answered and laughed.

“I have always felt supported, there was neither despair nor depression. Over these years prison snitchers have repeatedly asked me wether I will go abroad. I was sick and tired of their questions, and I answered that I do not speak foreign languages and have nothing to do there. So they even brought textbooks so that I could learn languages. But I’m not going anywhere!” Statkevich stated.

“I will continue to work for a free Belarus. I should meet with the leaders of the opposition parties, since the situation is a stalemate and we need to discuss what to do next. In prison, I had a plan how to de-legetimize the election, but they released me and I must think the things over,” he said.