Lukashenka promises referendum on battery plant future

He said this during a recent visit to Brest, BelTA informs.

The head of state promised that the fate of the battery plant in Brest would be decided by referendum.

“We’ve made a decision. Let the residents decide. As for the battery plant, as you decide, so it will be. I guarantee you that, and I promise you that. I’ll take a neutral position, organize a referendum. And you, no violence, no noise. We’ll set up a place, you’ll call people, debate. Just like in the election,” said Alyaksandr Lukashenka during a meeting with residents of Brest.

Lukashenka noted that he takes great care of the environment.

“The president of Belarus is your biggest environmental supporter. For me, it’s sacred. Even I, as president, care for every tree,” he said.

A march in the center of Brest to protest against the battery plant. Photo: Iryna Arakhouskaya / Belsat

His words were echoed by Zmitser Bekalyuk, a local ecoactivist and opponent of the construction of a battery. He agreed with Lukashenka’s proposal and said that Brest residents would only be grateful.

“There’s no doubt about it. This is the direct authority of the president – to organize a referendum anywhere in the country,” said Lukashenka.

Brest citizens have been protesting against the construction of the battery plant, extremely harmful to the neighborhood, since 2018. They gather for a weekly protest in the main square of the city to feed the pigeons.