Lukashenka orders military to ‘do their best’ and protect sovereignty

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka addressed the military personnel when visiting to the 38th Brest Independent Guards Air Assault Brigade on Monday.

In his speech, Lekashenka referred to the recently updated Military Doctrine of Belarus that was reportedly brought in line with contemporary challenges.


“I will remind you once again: we will not fight at the front, there will be no such wars. These are local wars. Hybrid wars. It is not just shooting (that is to happen later). Everything starts with information wars, and we can see it today,” state-run news agency Belta quotes him.

According to him, the priority task of the army and special operations forces is defending the country and maintaining stability in society.

“This is my order to you: do your best to protect our sovereignty and ensure the security of our state,” Lukashenka stressed and voiced fears that otherwise Belarusians would have to put on ‘yokes and straw shoes’ and ‘drag someone’s cart’.

Notably, Alyaksandr Lukashenka voices the opinion that no country has ‘democracy, as we understand it’ .

”It is always fierce competition, especially in economy that is at the heart of everything,” he said and made mention of the Yellow Vests movement in France, and the recent developments in the United States.

Lukashenka calls on siloviki to ensure ‘total order’ in Minsk