Lukashenka deals with freeloaders

A fee of 20 basic units annually or an arrest. Alyaksandr Lukashenka has signed a notorious decree on freeloaders. The document will come into force after the official publication and will be applied to cases dating from January 1 this year.

The official name of the decree is “On prevention of social support”. The press service of the head of state noted that it aims to encourage able-bodied citizens to work.

The document covers the citizens of Belarus and stateless persons permanently residing in the country who do not work.

Non-payment or partial payment of the fee is fraught with a fine of 2-4 base units or administrative arrest with mandatory community service.

People exempt from the fee:

  • incapacitated citizens
  • disabled people
  • people under 18
  • women over 55
  • men over 60
  • persons who arrived in the Republic for permanent residence after March 31, or those who left the country for permanent residence, as well as the citizens of Belarus, who reside outside the country for more than 183 days