Lithuania to acquire rocket artillery

Our neighbors are considering buying weapons, which they never had before.

Lithuania does not yet know exactly how many missile and artillery systems to acquire, it had no type of weapon of this kind in the country. Lithuanian Republic is selecting potential suppliers for Salvini (MARS/MLRS) missile and rocket launchers systems.

“In spring 2016 Lithuania began preliminary consultations on the possible acquisition of such weapons with the governments of Germany, Norway and the United States. Also, there was a meeting with representatives of the American company ‘Lockheed Martin’ in the international exhibition ‘Eurosatary’ Lithuanian Ministry of Defense told BNS agency.

Lithuanian military say it is too early to have specific negotiations to acquire weapons: implementation of this kind of project is planned for 2020-2025.

The increase of the budget for the security and interest in the acquisition of new weapons is Lithuanian reaction to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

To strengthen indirect firepower, last year Lithuania acquired in Germany 16 ‘PzH2000’ self-propelled howitzers.