Lithuanian MP: Belarus violated international agreements and conventions

“Belsat” spoke with the Lithuanian Seimas deputy Linas Balsis about the problems of the nuclear power plant in Astravets.

The Lithuanian side believes that the nuclear power plant is harmful for its national interests, for the health of the Lithuanian population, moreover, this project violates international agreements and conventions. The deputy says that the Belarusian side does not provide full information about the process of NPP construction.

It is already known that Lithuania will not buy electricity from the Astravets nuclear power plant and will do everything possible to ensure that electricity from the Belarusian nuclear power plant or other similar hazardous power plants could not reach the EU market. In the near future, Lithuanians will dismantle all power transmission lines connecting the Lithuanian energy system with Belarus.

“A special station will appear, which will allow us to connect to the Belarusian power grid. Belarus will not be able to connect to it without our knowledge and supply energy to our networks, and hence the EU network,” Balsis explained.

At the same time, Linas Balsis said that Belarus has a chance to sell them the energy from the new station, but on one condition.

“This project can be retrained into a power plant of a different type. If instead of nuclear reactor there was built a large boiler for burning biomass, then Lithuania would buy such electricity. But for this we need negotiations,” the deputy said.

The first power unit of BelNPP is to be launched in 2019, the second one — in 2020.