Listapad directorate loses right to select films for national competition

The last say on which film will get into the national competition program of the Minsk International Film Festival Lispad will be made by a special commission. It is headed by Deputy Minister of Culture Iryna Dryha.

“The difference this year is that the commission did not include representatives of the directorate and there were significantly fewer film critics this time,” program director of the national competition Mikalai Laurenyuk said during the press conference. “While earlier the commission included film-makers, film critics, representatives of the directorate and, of course, the Ministry of Culture, now there are many more representatives of state bodies.”

First Deputy Minister of Culture Iryna Dryha noted that the national competition is one of the most important ones and that is why it was decided to expand the range of individuals who will select this program.

“The commission took into account the recommendations of the Directorate, while film experts, distributors, and even philosophers and sociologists took part in its work. The sole purpose of the innovation is to relieve the tension that is present in the film environment regarding the selection of films,” said Dryha.

“This will not be beneficial for the festival,” said Listapad Director Anzhelika Krasheuskaya.

The 25th Minsk International Film Festival Listapad will be held from 2 to 9 November.

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