Kyiv imposes sanctions against Russian companies working with DNR and LNR

Sanctions and special restrictive measures were imposed on transport companies that had signed contracts with enterprises of the so-called ‘People’s Republics’ – RZD Logistics, Promkompleksplast, Gazgolder.

The restrictive measures were initiated by the Security Service of Ukraine, which had learned that these companies are engaged in the transport of goods through the sections of the Russian-Ukrainian border that are not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

“Based on these agreements, there is a systematic illegal movement of goods through the closed checkpoints “Izvarin”, “Dolzhansky” and “Krasnaya Mohyla” of the Luhansk customs, ” said the service representative.

Restrictive measures include blocking assets, restricting trade operations, as well as partial or complete termination of transit of these companies through the territory of Ukraine.