Knowledge Day in Belarus: Young reporter livestreaming from Brest

Fourth-grader Kamila Lyauchuk has livestreamed Knowledge Day at her school in Brest for Belsat TV viewers.

On September 1, about one million pupils go to schools of Belarus, including 110,000 first-formers.

The subject of the first lesson in all schools is Belarus, My Native Country.

Before the start of the school assembly, Kamila’s teacher tried to prevent her from filming. However, having learnt about the livestream, she stepped aside.

The school assembly was attended a World War II veteran and a member of the war in Afghanistan.

The pupils presented flowers and candy to their teachers. Camila’s classmate made a speech and wished them excellence in studies. Then a concert started.

“Children are a little bit afraid to talk, because there is strict discipline here,” the young reporter stresses.