Russia’s state oil company CEO sues media for wife’s lavish lifestyle reports

St. Princess Olga. Phot.

Igor Sechin, the head of Russia’s state-owned petroleum company Rosneft, has filed a lawsuit against the Russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, non-state TV channel Dozhd and other media outlets over ‘false publications’, the press service of the company reports.

“Against the background of Rosneft public joint stock company’s successful performance the campaign waged against Rosneft and its leadership in mass media is apparently of stove-piping nature,” the statement says.

On Monday, The Novaya Gazeta published an article focusing on the images posted by user Olga Rozhkova (@olgarzs) on Instagram. According to the paper, the closed account belongs to Sechin’s young wife.

The investigative journalists state that the woman spends a lot of time travelling by the luxurious yacht St. Princess Olga, which is ranked 72nd in top 100 largest yachts in the world. Its price may be up to $100 mln. Rosneft declined comment on the situation, Novaya Gazeta says.

In May 2015, Rosneft revealed the monthly salary of the company’s president: RUR 15-20 mln ($290,000 – 390,000 as of May 2015).

Based on these figures, Sechin’s yearly income may reach RUR 240 mln. But when an annual bonus added (RUR 360 mln), it may make even RUR 600 mln.