Kazbek Yapryntsau, convicted of fraud for 8 years, released after 2 years

Kazbek Yapryntsau, who in August 2016 was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment for fraud, has been released. TUT.BY was informed about this by sources close to Kazbek and his father, a well-known Belarusian businessman and athlete Uladzimir Yapryntsau.

“Kazbek was released on Friday. The head of state granted his petition for pardon. The pardon does not exempt from liability for civil actions — neither Kazbek nor his father have ever rejected debts,” the source told TUT.BY.

The co-owner of the “Triple” holding Uladzimir Yapryntsau and his son were detained on August 11, 2015. The head of the State Security Committee Valery Vakulchyk told reporters that the statement on the illegal activities of Uladzimir Yapryntsau was received by the KGB in the summer of 2015 from Belarusian businessman Yury Chyzh and his two partners from Russia. Later, Yury Chyzh himself was detained for several months.

The sum that Kazbek Yapryntsay embezzled, according to the verdict, is 24.5 million US dollars.