Kanstantsin Zhukousky sews his mouth in protest (18+)

The court has examined another case against freelance journalist Kanstantsin Zhukousky, and he is now forced to pay Br 7,5 million for the story broadcast on Belsat TV. Journalist Larysa Shcharakova was sentenced to the same penalty.

Zhukousky was accused of violating Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code (illegal production of media products). The accusation was based on the story aired on our channel.

At the same time, Major Shukel from the Homiel Central Department of Internal Affairs did not announce the title and release time of the video, only saying that it dealt with the Belarusian Red Cross Society.

The policeman told Zhukousky to come and talk to him at the police station, but the latter did not agree. Later the journalist was sent a subpoena.

This year, Kanstantsin Zhukousky has already been fined 6 times based on the same article of the Administrative Code. In total, he paid more than 50 million Br in fines.

Кастусь Жукоўскі ў зале суда. Пасля абвяшчэння прысуду Кастусь Жукоўскі заявіў, што збіраецца зашыць рот, і выканаў абяцанне (фота з архіву)
On April 8, the same Major Shukel drew an administrative protocol against journalist Larysa Shchyrakova (also for “illegal production of media products”). She is accused of of making a reportage about the visit of United Nations for Refugees representative Jean-Yves Bouchardy to the Homiel regional branch of the Red Cross Society.

At the same time, the journalist denies her authorship, saying that she was present at the meeting but accidentally deleted the record from the flash card.

belsat.eu; photo: Mikola Bianko