Journalists learnt what Viktar and Eduard Babaryka are accused of

The list of criminal cases of the appeal instance, posted in Minsk City Court, has shed light on what Viktar Babaryka and his son are accused of, reports.

According to the list, Viktar Babaryka is charged under Part 2 Article 235 (Legalization (“laundering”) of proceeds of crime), Part 2. 243 (tax evasion, causing damage on a large scale) and part 2 of Article 431 (repeated bribery on a large scale) of the Criminal Code of Belarus.

Eduard Babaryka is charged under Part 2 Article 243 of the Criminal Code (Tax evasion on a large scale).

Eduard and Viktar Babaryka are in the KGB jail, recognized as political prisoners. The other day, the third search took place in Eduard’s house in the village of Machany.