‘It is coming’: New season on Belsat TV (video)


A new season kicks off on Belsat TV on September, 3. We hope we can put smiles on our viewers’ faces.

Both news and humour shows will be offered to your attention soon. As before, Studio Belsat, a set of Information and journalistic programs, will start at 20:00 (Minsk time). The authors of the program Let’s Deal With It continue to investigate into financial fraud, corruption and other cases the Belarusian authorities are trying to hide from the public. As part of Belsat Studio, the popular video blogger NEXTA is expected to make an ironic review of the events of the week – exclusively for our audience. And Saturdays will bring another surprise: our new satirical program about the Belarusian reality.

I Am Not Eating This, a unique psychotherapeutic gastronomic show, will be televised at 20:30 on Sundays. The guest of each program is a person who is known not only in Belarus, but also abroad. We visit them and ask cook which dish thay have hated since childhood. And then a battle of chefs starts…

Viktar Shukelovich and his program Villagers have been back from their overseas tour. Curious about details? Watch the show at 18:30 on Wednesdays.

Detective fans will stand the chance to enjoy watching Inspector Banks at 21:25 on Wednesdays.

The Durrels at 17:15 on Sundays: the next series of adventures on the Greek island of Corfu is a way to extend summer holidays

In addition, see European movies in the Belarusian language at 21:45 on Saturdays.

The best BBC series (Saturday 11:30) and hits of international festivals (19:30 Saturday 19:30 and Sunday 18:00) will be shown for amateurs of documentary filmmaking.