Investigative Committee explained why ‘White Legion’ case was closed

Press service of the Investigative Committee has published an extensive commentary on the dismissal of the “White Legion” case.

“After analyzing the evidence, the investigation concluded that the actions of the defendants do formally contain signs of an illegal armed group. Thus, the group’s training can be qualified as military training, typical of the personnel of military formation or of an illegal armed group.

However, the preliminary investigation found that these actions of the accused were not directed at changing the constitutional system and (or) territorial integrity, or any other unlawful actions,” the message said.

According to the statement, the defendants’ actions did not have a public danger, as they did not cause substantial harm to the interests and public relations, protected by criminal law.

“Considering the above, these actions of the accused were recognized as insignificant. Thus, the criminal proceedings against the defendants based on the Article 287 of the Criminal Code and preliminary investigation of the criminal case were dismissed on the basis of paragraph 2, part 1 of the Article 29 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for lack of corpus delicti in the act,” said the Investigative Committee.

The case file has been sent to the prosecutor for the study and assessment of the legality of the decision.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Ivan Naskevich, said that the criminal proceedings against all the defendants in the case of the “White Legion” had been stopped and the case was “put an end to”.