Ingush blogger Ismail Nalgiev expelled from Belarus without trial

According to the BAJ website, on the morning of May 10, the lawyer of the Ingush opposition blogger Ismail Nalgiev, who had been detained earlier in the Minsk airport, was informed that the decision to expel him had already been made by the head of the local Citizenship and Migration Department.

What Nalgiev is accused of remains unclear. He is still in a temporary detention center in Minsk. The lawyer of the blogger is trying to appeal the expulsion of Nalgiev from Belarus and to suspend it during the consideration of the complaint.

The Ingush opposition blogger and journalist Ismail Nalgiyev was detained at the Minsk airport on May 8 while leaving the country. He was informed that he was allegedly on the Russian list of wanted persons.

After numerous attempts, the lawyer managed to meet with Nalgiev only late in the evening on May 8. Then the blogger said that an administrative protocol was drawn up against him by the police, but he was unable to explain what he was accused of.

It was expected that the protocol in the Nalgiev’s case would be considered on May 10 by the local court of of Minsk, but in the morning the detainee’s lawyer was informed that there would be no court hearing and the decision on expulsion had been already made.