In chase of drinks and web fame: Young Belarusians do shopping naked

A criminal case has been opened against four young men who came naked to a Mahiliou shop at night. They also captured their actions on video intending to post it on social media platforms.

According to the local department of the Investigative Committee, overnight into August 12, four 18-year-olds were drinking alcoholic beverages. Having run out of them, the guys decided to go shopping.


“Showing off their liquid courage, the suspects took off their trousers and left them in the flat. On the way to the shop, the young people damaged rear view mirrors in two cars; in addition, they were committing acts of hooliganism, which impeded traffic. Then the suspects took off the rest of their clothes and entered the all-day store in the nude. One of them ostentatiously took the cashier’s seat to get himself photographed for social networks,” the statement by the Investigative Committee reads.

On their way home, the might-have-been Youtube stars were detained by the Mahiliou police. Now they may face even 6 years in prison under Article 339 -2 of the Belarusian Criminal Code (hooliganism).

One of the fame-seekers had criminal records (robbery and drug trafficking).

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