‘Impossible to remotely milk cows’. Lukashenka still against quarantine measures

Photo: president.gov.by

The introduction of tough quarantine measures and placing a curfew would not improve the coronavirus situation in Belarus, President Alyaksandr Lukashnenka said during Friday’s working visit to Smalyavichy district.

“Remember what we have always been taught to: when a person becomes ill, i.e. gets an acute viral respiratory infection, they should spend time outside. One should flush the lungs with air, take their kids to the woods, to the park, do not drive them into the apartment and do not lock them up there. We were never following that route, ” Lukashenka said on April, 3.

According to the Belarusian leader, he is not ‘treating the situation with some bravado‘. He turns down the idea of mass quarantine because he does not want to split the society against the background of combatting the coronavirus, the head of sttate stressed.

“Is it possible to remotely milk cows or take a day off from it? It is impossible. And at the same time. someone will be staying at home without doing any work, but with retention of their salaries?! It is unfair, isn’t it? As a result, we might split the society. Such things cannot be done, ” Lukashenka stated.

In his opinion, amid this ‘psychosis’ [the reports and rumours about deaths], there is currently a declining fatality rate and a reducing number of lung diseases in Belarus. However, the recent developments have made people focus on hygiene issues and the health care system, he added.

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