Ilham Aliyev wants to ‘return’ Yerevan to Azerbaijan

The head of Azerbaijan has called Yerevan the historical territory of the country.

According to Ilham Aliyev, the return of Yerevan is the historical goal of Azerbaijan.

On February 9, during a speech at the VI Congress of the ruling party ‘New Azerbaijan’, Ilham Aliyev said:

“Yerevan is our historical territory, and we, the Azerbaijanis, must return to this historical land. This is our political and strategic goal, which we must gradually move towards.”

Aliyev also claimed that Lake Geicha and the Zangezur region were their historical lands, stressing that the whole world should know about this. Now, Aliyev pointed out, there are “solid scientific works being written, films are being shot, exhibitions are being organized” about Azerbaijan’s connection with its historical lands. The President of Azerbaijan has repeatedly stated that he aims to “return Yerevan”.

The Armenian authorities, in turn, called the claims of Ilham Aliyev unacceptable. In the commentary to “” Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Eduard Sharmazanov called Aliev’s statement “senseless and ridiculous”. According to him, “it is unacceptable when in the 21st century the president of one country expresses territorial claims to a neighboring country.” At least it’s funny, the Armenian politician stressed, when the president of the country, which has not yet turned 100 years old, speaks about historical lands.