Hundreds of people detained on Memorial Day in Kazakhstan

Dozens of people were detained during the December 16 rallies in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan and Almaty. In Nur-Sultan, security forces detained about 60 people, while in Almaty at least 40 people were detained, Kazakhstani portal Vlast reported.

In Kazakhstan, the rallies dedicated to the December 1986 Almaty youth rally, which was named Zheltoksan, and to the victims of the 2011 Zhanaozen riots were not coordinated with the authorities.

In the capital of Kazakhstan, the police at first did not prevent the participants from marching. On the contrary, they followed people and asked them not to go out on the road. But after a while, arrests began. In total, the security forces brought in about 60 people.


About a hundred people also attended the rally in Almaty. Young people stretched out the poster “Kazakhstan without Nazarbayev”. Police detained about 40 people.