Police seize equipment from journalists working with Belsat

In Hrodna, the police conducted searches at the local freelance journalists who cooperate with our television channel – Alyaksandr Dzyanisau and Alyaksei Kairys.

Dzyanisau and Kairys were detained by people in civilian clothes in the afternoon and spent 2,5 hours in the police precinct. Then the police went to conduct searches in their homes.

About 21.50. search at the Kairys’ place ended: law enforcers seized 3 computers, a phone and a hard drive with flash drives. The search was carried out within the framework of the investigation into two cases — work without accreditation and insult. Probably, it is about the insulting the head of the service station of Leninsky district of Hrodna, Svyatlana Zhylinskaya, who was mentioned in the story of “Belsat” published on 20.04.2018.

At Alyaksandr Dzyanisau’s place. the police seized a video camera, telephone and other equipment.

Dzyanisau and Kairys could face charges of insulting a person. They wrote about it on Facebook.

“I do not know anything yet, except that an inspection is underway under the criminal code. That is, they want to accuse us of breaking the criminal code: libel and insult, as I understand it,” wrote Alyaksandr Dzyanisau.

The contact with journalists is limited due to confiscated equipment, including the telephones.