Homiel court reduces Zhukousky’s fine in half

Judge of the Homiel Regional Court Vasil Byahun has upheld the complaint of the freelancer about the decision of the Zhlobin judge Valyantsina Saponava and reduced the fine from 16.8 million rubles to 8.4 million.

Thus the regional district judge corrected his colleague. In the Zhlobin court Zhukousky was sentenced based on the joint offense rules, although the law requires to apply the repetition rule.

Human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka said that the regional judge corrected the mistake made by his colleague. Otherwise, the situation surrounding the persecution of freelancers has not changed.

“Valyantsina Saponava was appointed a judge only last year, maybe she did not have enough experience of administrative affairs, so she acted hard on Mr. Zhukousky giving him maximum penalty.”

It was for the seventh time this year that the freelancer Zhukousky has beem fined for cooperation with Belsat. After the trial, Kanstantsin Zhukousky sewed his mouth in protest.