Homiel activists protest against police abuse

Concerned residents of the Belarusian city of Homiel protested against police abuse and pressure on local oppositionists.

According to picketers, they repeatedly faced violence and wrongdoing on the part of law enforcers.

“The situation is catastrophic. They are constantly trampling on citizens’ rights! Dozens of people who suffered from the actions of the Interior Ministry have contacted me. The traffic police drew protocols containing false information upon me, which was even confirmed be the court,” human rights activist Pavel Glavatski told Belsat.

The picketers had a banner with the words ‘One Law For The Rich, And Another For The Poor’. They also told about their conflicts with the police through a megaphone. According to protesters, the law enforcers often ‘violated the existing legislation’.

The participants came to the building of the local police department and demanded a meeting with the directorship, but there was no response.

The next rally will be held on January, 30 near the building of Homiel Regional Court.