Historic building facade collapses in Hrodna

The incident was the result of an unsuccessful reconstruction.

The building of the second half of the XIX century in 3 Kirau Street had been under reconstruction since the beginning of 2015. Its residents were resettled back in 2008. According to the plan of Hrodnazhilstroy, only the facade was to survive, with the internal layout being completely destroyed.

But, deprived of support, the facade broke down and collapsed — in fact it fell on the roadway.

“The difficult state of the building was also due to location, topography variations caused the subsidence of foundations causing the collapse of the arches of the former gate,” explains the architecture historian Yan Lyalevich (the first photo).

The expert added that on the one hand he understands the builders, for whom the cost of quality of reconstruction would be quite expensive, on the other hand, he said that the Hrodna old center is more like a human mouth full of artificial prosthetic teeth, with nothing real.

Now there are about 15-20% remaining from the building, the rest was turned into a construction site. Incidentally, the stone house was built back in 1879, on the eve of the famous Hrodna fire. It housed the headquarters of an engineering regiment, later – a warehouse of colonial goods. The building was listed as a historical and cultural value, which was mentioned earlier in the special plaque.

The stone building in 3 Kirau street had once got in the news: a few years ago, some people cut down its old iron balcony in broad daylight. The perpetrators were never found.