Heavy blow: How Chernobyl tragedy affects Belarus (ENG video)

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Belsat.eu has made a video about consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy in Belarus on the occasion of its anniversary. The facts featured will leave no one untouched.

  • The first report on the disaster was made 36 hours after the explosion. The town of Pripyat was being evacuated, but the locals were not informed of the real degree of threat. They were assured that they would return soon.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people had only their passports and clothes in which they left homes
  • One in four: the catastrophe affected over 2 mln Belarusians, including 0.5 mln children.
  • Every third Belarusian suffer from thyroid disorders.
  • Until now, more than a million Belarusians live in polluted areas.
  • 15,000 hectares, which were considered contaminated lands until recently, have been brought back to agricultural use.
  • In 2019, the Belarusian NPP first reactor is to be commissioned.