Guest card now available for tourists in Minsk

The e-card includes visits to museums and city tours, travel, as well as the best deals on hotels, restaurants and rental vehicles.

The card is based on a travel pass. There’s a three-day option (the card is mainly designed for users of a 5-day visa-free travel).

According to the ‘Zviazda‘ newspaper, the card entitles you to unlimited travel on land transport and for ten metro trips, as well as the opportunity to visit 74 sites in Minsk and abroad for free or at a special price. Among them, there are 37 museums, 13 of them with the exposition available for free, for example, in the Great Patriotic War Museum, the Museum of Architecture “Mini Country,” Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery. Sixteen hotels, eight commercial networks, two tourist buses, car and bike rentals offer discounts on products and services from 5 to 50%. The card prices are 45, 60, and 78 rubles, respective to the number of days.

You can purchase the card in the Tourist Information Center at the railway station and in the Upper Town. It can also be ordered online. Photos –