Former MP Hanna Kanapatskaya to run for presidency

The aim of her campaign is to peacefully reform the state administration and economy for the well-being of the citizens of Belarus.

Hanna Kanapatskaya has announced that she would take part in the presidential elections in Belarus, reports. Former MP announced it at her own press conference.

She said that the recent situation had only exacerbated the problems in society and demonstrated the inability of the state to protect its citizens, ensure confidence in the future, provide social guarantees and the opportunity to receive timely assistance, be provided with timely information.

“As a result of this policy, we see now a complete crisis of confidence in the authorities on the part of Belarusians, especially in the regions. I do not want to be an outside observer of these destructive processes, I want to influence the processes and reform them,” said Ms Kanapatskaya.

Hanna Kanapatskaya. Photo:

Former MP noted that today it is important to create real tools to support and develop local business, which can become a driver of economic growth and self-employment of Belarusians, especially in the regions.

“As a female politician I do not share the value of men’s toys that demonstrate strength and power, which came to us from the Soviet past. For me humanity, good neighborliness, political neutrality, freedom are important. I do not promise, but I perform and I am responsible for the result,” Kanapatskaya noted.

Previously, the former activist of the United Civil Party tried to become a single candidate from the opposition, but her candidacy was not supported by other primaries.

Hanna Kanapatskaia became a member of the House of Representatives in 2016. Together with Alena Anisim, she became one of the two representatives of the opposition forces in the Belarusian parliament.

In 2019, she planned to run for MP post again, but the CEC invalidated her signatures.

This year’s presidential election in Belarus will be held on August 9th.