Former Interior Troops Head claims Harausky’s story false

Yury Sivakou, who headed the internal troops in 1999-2000, said that the confessions of an ex-special force fighter about his involvement in the murders of opposition politicians were a false story before the meeting between Lukashenka and Putin on 20 December, Nasha Niva reported.

In an interview with the DW, former special forces officer Yury Harausky said that the orders to capture and kill the opposition politicians in 1999-2000 were given verbally. He is convinced that the then Interior Minister Yury Sivakou knew about the murders.

But Yury Sivakou, like Dzmitry Paulichenka, rejects these accusations.

“I can tell you that the story is very good, made professionally, at a high technical level, and you can feel the good skill. The main thing is its timing. When do we have a meeting between Lukashenka and Putin? December 20th? It seems to me that this is not even dessert, but only an appetizer. The first course and the second and the third should appear later. One can only guess about this cuisine. It seems to me that such trump cards are prepared in advance. They lie somewhere, waiting for the moment of truth to be made public. But I would like to say that this material is the most professional of all that came before,” said Yury Sivakou.

The former law enforcer notes that he did not know Yury Harausky personally.