Former head of Lukashenka’s security service detained by KGB

The KGB has detained the Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Andrei U, blogger NEXTA wrote in his Telegram.

“We were aware of this already a few days ago, but we held to the information waiting for confirmation,” NEXTA reports.

“The official reason for the detention is a large-scale bribe ($ 150,000). And unofficially, one cannot be friends with high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation if relations with it are not the best,” writes NEXTA.

The house of U. in Drazdy-2 has been sealed. The KGB and the Security Council would not comment on the information about the detention of a high-ranking official and former “bodyguard” of Lukashenka.

Earlier, he was the head of the personal security of the Presidential Security Service. Later he headed this agency. He has been the Deputy Head of the Security Council since October 2014.

He was awarded several medals “For Impeccable Service” and the Order “For Service to the Motherland”.

“Nasha Niva” and “TUT.BY” have also reported on the detention of Andrei U. The press service of the KGB refuses to comment on the case.