Foreigners may be allowed to fly in Homiel without visas

The Belarusian Transport and Communications Ministry has announced its plans to expand the visa-free regime into regional airports.

The project is at the finishing stage, Mikhail Partnoy, Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, said. The ministry hopes the flow of tourists will increase severalfold.

Currently, Homiel region is a lag-behinder in terms of inbound tourism. Last year, Homel was visited by 4,777 tourists, which is almost 20 times less than the number Hrodna and Brest regions could boast of.

In 2017, Belarus introduced a 5-day visa-free regime, and in July 2018 it was increased to 30 days.

About 174,000 visa-free tourists arrived in Belarus in January-July 2019. This is 62% more than in the same period last year, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism Vital Hrytsevich said in late August.

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