For first time in 20 years: Anthrax case in Belarus


On August 10, a horse was diagnosed with anthrax by local vets in Stolin district (Brest region).

The animal belonged to a resident of the village of Khotamel, reports.

The corpse was burnt; specialists are performing disinfection, observing and vaccinating the animals in the village and its vicinity.

Anthrax commonly infects grazing animals and can pass to humans either by direct contact with diseased animals or by eating meat from them, which means that an outbreak can affect a country’s meat exports. Anthrax bacteria can spread when wells become contaminated either after floods or prolonged drought. Most forms of the bacterial disease are lethal, although some forms can be treated with antibiotics.

The last recorderd anthrax case among people dates to the year of 1995, among animals – in 1999.

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