FM Makey: Question of deploying Russian airbase in Belarus is closed. So far

The deployment of a Russian airbase in Belarus is not in question so far, Foreign Minister said Friday at a press conference in Minsk.

“If such need arises, one can return to this issue in any case, but at this stage it seems to us that there is no point in discussing the deployment of a Russian military base in the territory of Belarus. At the moment, the question is closed. But this does not mean that it will be impossible to return to it if the relevant circumstances change and we have to appropriately respond,” Makey said.

In November 2015, Alexander Lyapkin, head of operational management of aerospace forces of Russia, said that they were planning to deploy at the Babruisk airport a squadron of fighter aircraft (12 combat aircraft) and a helicopter unit (4 transport-combat helicopters Mi-8). “I want to appeal to the Belarusian colleagues to expedite all the necessary procedures for the preparation of the agreement,” Lyapkin asked. The Belarusian Ministry of Defense failed to comment on Russia’s appeal.

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