Fish for 1 million rubles

Investigative Committee reports on two poachers detained in Navahrudsky rayon. “They illegally caught 17 fish. The state lost more than 19 million rubles,” law enforcement services report.

The unlucky poachers from Navahrudak and Minsk were caught red-handed when they installed a net at the Neman spawning grounds. The unfortunate fishermen did it in Masty area. They caught 57 fish, but in this case they paid a fine totaling 21 million rubles. The poachers had their property arrested “in order to compensate for the losses”.

The Investigation Committee warns of accountability for breaking fishing regulations. The tariffs that became the basis for the calculation of losses caused to the state were approved by presidential decree. According to the document, the most “expensive” fish is eel – each fish “costs” 2.7 million rubles. More than 1 million is the prpice tag of sturgeon, barbel, chub and even a common carp.