First COVID-19 cases in Belarusian army

A soldier doing his service in the Pechy training centre (Barysau district) has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

He was admitted in the Main Military Clinical Medical Centre in Minsk, reported on April, 16.

At first, he soldier was diagnosed with pneumonia, but then the coronavirus was detected, Natallya Haurusik, Spokesperson for the Belarusian Defense Ministry, said.

According to her, the soldiers’ fellowmen have been placed under quarantine; the members of the subunit are isolated in a tent camp at the training ground.

The soldier from Pechy did not take part in the rehearsals for the Victory Day military parade, the press officer added.

(UPD) On Friday afternoon, the MoD has confirmed more cases of infecting; two servicemen of the Babruysk-stationed 83rd separate aviation engineering regiment contracted the coronavirus.

Hospital for COVID-19 patients at military training ground near Vitsebsk

Earlier, there were official reports about introducing temporary restrictioons on visiting the soldiers and giving leave passes to them, as well as activities related to the relocation of military units. Medical posts are deployed at all checkpoints so that everyone who enters the territory of a military unit could be examined.

In early April, the Defense Ministry stated that the Victory Day parade would be held in ‘traditional format’ pn May, 9.

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka repeatedly promised that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, no festivities on the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War would be canceled.

Meanwhile, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin has announced the postponement of the parade in Moscow due to the coronavirus crisis.

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