Film by Andrei Kutsila made with participation of Belsat TV wins prestigious award

The film “Summa” (“Summa”) of the Belarusian director was recognized as the best medium-length film at the IDFA Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.

The winners received awards on November 21. The film was made with the assistance of “Belsat TV”. It premiered at the festival.

Film director Andrei Kutsila hopes that he will soon be able to show it in Belarus.

“Summa” is a story of friendship between elderly Polish artist Andrzej Strumillo and young Belarusian artist Maryia. Belarusians like to remember the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as one of the best periods of its history. “Our common antiquity” is how Andrzej Strumillo — a legendary man living in a village in northeastern Poland — called the GDL era.

The plot on which his house stands resembles an island: on three sides it is surrounded by impassable swamps and the Black Hancha river. Mister Andrzej has two main hobbies in life: painting and breeding Arab horses. He doesn’t sleep much, because he believes that there is not much time left: he is almost 90 years old. And after the death of his wife he is very lonely.

Photo by Andrei Kutsila

As if in a parallel world there is Maryia. Since her early childhood, the girl has been living on the outskirts of Minsk. Her husband and other ‘standard’ components of “female happiness” are not enough for her. Maryia is attracted by the amazing secrets of life that are hiding in the world of Mister Andrzej with its art gallery, stables, river and age-old trees. The girl runs there without looking back, leaving her husband in Minsk, who does not even know when she will return.

Still shot from “Summa” by Andrei Kutsila