‘Famous teenager’ Kolya Lukashenka speaking Chinese

Kiril Rudy, Ambassador of Belarus to China, posted a video of the Belarusian leader’s youngest son extending congratulations on the occasion of the Spring Festival.

Kolya Lukashenka read out a prepared text in the Chinese language and played the piano.

The diplomat called him the ‘most famous Belarusian teenager in China’.

This year Chinese New Year is celebrated on February, 16. It is the most important and long holiday in China and other East Asian countries.


Alyaksandr Lukashenka made his first public appearance with Kolya in April 2008, when the latter was 3.5 years old. Since then, Mikalai regularly accompanied his father during foreign visits and official meetings. Kolya, dressed in military uniform, used to review military parades together with his commander-in-chief father. After going off media radar, however, Lukashenka’s youngest son helped his father cast vote on September 11, the day of the parliamentary election to the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Belarus’ parliament.

In 2017, Chinese President Xi Jin Ping was pleasantly surprised to see that Lukashenka Jr had grown up into a teenager. Kolya gave a jewel-box as a gift to his wife and drank champagne at the dinner event. Interestingly, when Lukashenka was visiting China, Russian journalists got back to the subject of Belarus. In the latest episode of TV show International Sawmill, its host Tigran Keosayan cracked a cheap joke on Kolya and named him ‘crown prince’.