Ex-leader of Luhansk separatists jailed in Russia – media

Igor Plotnitsky (C)

According to a number of media outlets, Igor Plotnitsky, a former leader of Luhansk separatists, is in prison in Russia.

Plotnitsky and his associates are accused of collaboration with Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) and intention to abandon Luhansk to the Ukrainian army.

On November 23, 2017 Igor Plotnitsky, the head of his ‘administration’ Irina Teytsman, security chief Evgeny Seliverstov and Luhansk TV head Anastasia Shurkaeva were convoyed to Izvarin checkpoint and handed over to Russia’s FSB, Rosbalt reports.

Plotnitsky and his team are also charged with embezzlement of budgetary funds and abuse of power. Seliverstov is accused of contract killings and mortaring Luhansk under the guise of the Ukrainian military.

“This clique committed unlawful acts, people could hardly bear them, and the time came when a straw broke the camel’s back,” a source in the so-called Donetsk republic told Rosbalt.

In late November Igor Plotnitsky retired for ‘health reasons’. His place was taken by the head of the ‘state security’ department Leonid Pasechnik.

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