‘European Belarus’ activists banned from election

Election commissions have already removed four candidates of the “European Belarus” campaign from the elections. But the candidates filed complaints to the Minsk City Commission”, Yauhen Afnahel, coordinator of the civil campaign, told Belsat.

In total, the election commissions registered 14 people from the “European Belarus” campaign. But there is a fear that many will be removed from the election.

“Four of our activists were removed from the commission. They are Aksana Yushkevich (Minsk-Chkalausky constituency # 96), Pavel Yukhnevich (Minsk-Pushkinsky constituency # 103), Volha Nikalaichyk (Minsk-Uruchski constituency # 107), Artsiom Charnyak (Minsk-Partisanski constituency # 110). Many others have already received one warning each. And it is likely that they will be removed,” Afnahel told Belsat.

The reason for the withdrawal of candidates was their use of “materials that are not related to the political campaign”. After several warnings, the candidates simply get unregistration.

“We see that the authorities were afraid of the slogan “Enough of kolkhoz dictatorship!” Half of the warnings were because of this slogan. And the rest is just minor nagging,” says Afnahel.

But despite becoming unregistered, the activists of the campaign continue their pickets.

“According to the Election Code, candidates have the right to continue the campaign if they have filed complaints to the highest authority commission. In Minsk it is the city commission. All four candidates who were removed by the district commissions today appealed this decision to the city commission. Therefore, pickets were held yesterday, today and will be held tomorrow,” added Afnahel.

The election campaign began on October 17, right after the registration of candidates for deputies. This stage will continue until the elections.

Elections to the House of Representatives will be held on November 17.