Endless relishing of heroism bad for nation’s future — Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “no country, no people should live in the past and relish its infinite heroism”. According to the head of the Russian Federation, “it is harmful and dangerous for the future of the nation”. Putin urged “going forward, largely using the foundation of what had been done by previous generations”.

In his speech, Putin described Russia’s history, “the foundation of our national outlook, … a source of understanding and identity, as well as civilizing mission”.

Speaking of World War II, Putin highlighted the important task of historical science in simulating the consequences of war in the event of the Soviet Union’s defeat. “They say politics does not tolerate the subjunctive mood – it is true, the politics does not, but science does, and it even is of great importance and interest,” said Putin. Obviously, he was referring to the statement that history, not politics, does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.

Putin spoke at a meeting with participants of the All-Russian historical meeting. It was organized by the Russian military and the Russian Historical Society. The meeting was attended by the Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinski and State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

Putin admits that “the modern world is changing, borders are vanishing”. “But I do not know a people which would not value its identity, and its loss leads to serious consequences,” said Russian President. “This is not our choice; we would like to be part of modern civilization and, of course, look into the future,” head of Russia was quoted by the Russian TASS agency.

In his speeches, Putin has consistently emphasized the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union in the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II and referred to the attempts to revise history used to demean this contribution.

In February 2016, Putin called patriotism the Russian national idea.


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