Electricity tariffs increased in Belarus

Since January 1, the differentiation of electricity tariffs depending on the volume of consumption has no longer been in place. The decision was made by the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

Since January 1, no matter how much kWh are consumed, you will have to pay one tariff.

For those who use gas stoves, the rate will be 0.1746 BYN per kWh. It used to be 0.1433 BYN for the first 150 kW/h and 0.1841 BYN for the next ones.

For those who use electric stoves, the rate will be 0.1484 BYN. Previously, the first 250 kWh cost 0.1218 BYN. From 250 to 400 kW/h used to be 0.1583 BYN, and all the subsequent electricity was 0.188 BYN.