Belarus Electoral Committee admits ’roundabouts’

However, it does not think that they influenced the result of the elections.

Ex-candidate for the Minsk City Council Mikita Semyanenka asked the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime to check the conduct of the electoral committee after the experiment of the activist Dzyanis Krauchuk: a man without Minsk registration was able to vote in Minsk three times.

The Directorate redirected Semyanenka’s appeal to the electoral committee Semyanenka had complained about.

In response, the Minsk Electoral Committee admitted violations, but did not consider that they influenced the results of the voting.

“Video records made by Krauchuk at polling stations No. 64 and No. 73 indicate violations of the procedure for additional inclusion of citizens in the list of voters by members of the commissions,” the reply says.

But according to Shautsou, this violation “did not affect the results of voting”.

The chairperson of the commission wrote that in the future it is necessary to improve training of the election commission members.